Wordpress Migration Trouble

The Task:

Currently our Wordpress site located @ http://joshuaschool.org/ is a hack-job that is currently being used so that we don't completely lose our interent presence. This site was constructed using bits of our old wordpress template, with minor amounts of content.

We attempted to switch to a newly designed Wordpress install, that utilized the latest version of Wordpress (at the time of writing 3.7.1) and it looks like most, if not all, of our custom navigation and content has been broken.

I have a backup of the site, by which I was able to extract certain contents to build what is currently being displayed @ joshuaschool.org but this is ultimately a temporary solution. We'd love to use our new site, but every attempt we have to migrate to it, something inevitably fails.

I have a minor understanding of PHP, and am very familiar with Wordpress, so I would be happy to work with you in regards to getting this up and running. I am the Technology Coordinator for the school, and I have the access that you would need to manage our site.

Ideally we are looking for somebody to focus on the site on a semi-long term basis, at least until we've gotten back to square one. I would be happy with managing the content of the site, if we could just get it working correctly.

Thank you for reviewing my project, I hope to hear from you soon.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad really stepped up to the plate and delivered outstanding results in record time. Our project had a serious time requirement and he did not hesitate to even work over a weekend to provide an ample solution to our issues. His services come highly recommended by us at The Joshua School.

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