Web Registration & Reporting System

The Task:

This project is for a 10 page website, with one of the pages for a customer Participant to sign up and register for weekend events, meals and meetings. There are approximately 18 text fields on the registration page. The registration data needs to be dropped into a MySQL database.

It is expected there will be less than 75 Participants needing to register using the system.

There will need to be email confirmations / verification sent to the Participants.

There will need to be a rather comprehensive reporting and admin tool for non-technical users. For estimating purposes, plan on 10 reports using the 18 text field data. The reports will need to be selected and displayed behind a secure admin login.

The reports will need the ability to sort by the 18 fields in ascending and / or descending order. There may be a requirement to have selected reports be exported to a downloadable MS Excel file.

Email will be used for a new Participant registration to be confirmed. Email alerts will need to be sent to the program event administrators for a small group of rules driven actions or triggers. A daily email summary of Participant registration actions will be sent to the event administrators.

The site will be very simple and other than the Registration page, it will be general info / text. I will supply graphics.

In addition to the admin and reports, the Event administrators will need the ability to modify or edit the Participant information, and be able to delete a Participant record, create a brand new one or restore a previously entered record.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Koba Technologies provided excellent quality programming for our web registration and reporting system. This project was for a Global F500 consumer electronics conglomerate, so the schedule was very important and the pressure was very high. Koba Technologies exceeded the deliverables in schedule, time and quality. Koba Technologies was not the least expensive bid we received, however, we received even higher quality systems (PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, etc) than we hoped for and accomplished their side of the engagement ahead of schedule. Being available by telephone was critical, and Koba Technologies always answered the phone or returned messages within minutes to no more than 2 hours. Very impressive! Thanks for making us look good, Koba Technologies!

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