Small reminder tool

The Task:


We need a small "remember tool".

We have data like this in a file:

And now I would like to make a cronjob on the server, which starts a php-file.
This file should send emails to all the emails, in which the date is exactly 21 days passed.

per "line" are in the minimum 2 email-adresses and the maximum are 6.
this file is called: log_emails.php

So you would have to write a php-file, which checks the whole file (logs_email.php), for which its needed to send an email.
Email-sender: sender AT
Email-title: "Remember: XYZ"
Email1-Text, if 10fr in the line: $text10fr
Email1-Text, if 5fr in the line: $text5fr
Email-Text (for all the all the othe email-adresses at the same line): $text

Email-Text will be changed through us (simple html-email)

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Prompt support when requested - Highly recommended

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