Simple Website Installation

The Task:

This project is to install a simple website, with very limited functionality.

There are 5 "main pages".

Aside from the 5 "main pages", you will need to install an "admin" panel that allows me as the admin to add "new listings". The individual "new listing" pages will use the same header / footer design from the other "main pages", but you will need to add a simple contact form, plus insert the static text inputted under the admin panel, when the admin adds "new listings".

In other words, the functionality to "add new listings" is similar to the concept of adding a new "blog post".

Aside from the "add new listings" functionality, the only other functionality required is to implement active contact forms. The contact forms need to send the static text inputted to a specific email address, each time a user "submits" a message on the various contact forms throughout the website.

The 5 "main pages" will be provided in PSD file format. You will be responsible for "slicing" these 5 PSD page designs into HTML for the site installation.

As a part of the installation, you will be required to implement fundamental security measures as a part of your coding.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Koba Technologies did an excellent job installing my website. They were prompt, thorough, and professional. I will continue to work with Koba Technologies in the future.

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