Simple Storage Database And Login

The Task:

Here is what I need:

Potential customer comes to the site and wants to demo the product.

They fill in their information into a simple PHP form.
(includes only 7 questions with two of them drop downs)

This information gets stored into a MySQL database.
(as well as a copy of the information getting emailed to the potential customer and an email address I will predetermine for you)

Once the customer clicks "view demo" they will automatically be redirected to a single URL which I will give you the link for.

There will also be a separate login page where the above potential customer can come back to at a later date and log back in and re-view the product demo.

Per usual on most login pages, there needs to be a "retrieve password" where one enters their email address and it resends them their username and password.

It will also send a notice to the above predetermined email address that "customer so and so" has just re-requested their login information.

To summarize this has all already built in ASP but we are upgrading the clients site to a PHP server and layout and as such we need the above built in PHP. The HTML will already be prebuilt for you. I just need the backend tweaked to work on the new PHP server.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad did an excellent job. He was able to read through my layman terms and deliver exactly what we were looking for across the board. I have already recommended him to colleagues. We will use for future projects.

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