Simple MySql database PHP admin section

The Task:

We are looking for a programmer with PHP and MySQL knowledge to create a database for us, along with a simple admin section to edit the database.

Basically, you will see, we have a list of golf courses, with the prices, as well as the dates for those prices. We need to be able to edit the courses' rates for each date period.

The date periods can be static, but we do need the ability to ADD or REMOVE date periods as needed. We also need the ability to ADD or REMOVE courses as needed as well -- all through the admin panel.

The object of this is to display the rates for EACH course on the appropriate course web page we have created. So basically, we will specify a variable in the PHP code to pull out the specific row of the table to display all rates.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Excellent programmer. Worked quickly and had project done very fast, even after I changed up a bit from the original proposal. Liked so much, we're already starting our next project with Koba Technologies!

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