reCAPTCHA Installation on Website Form

The Task:

Reason for Project: The application form on our corporate website is receiving 100+ SPAM replies each day. It's cumbersome for the person who receives them and it fills up our database.

Organization Background: Courtesy Finance is a consumer finance company founded in 2007. We provide personal loans, tax preparation and notary services to customers in Georgia in Tennessee.

Timeline: Once someone is selected for the job, we would like to have the form up within a 2 week time frame.

Project Objective: Stop SPAM replies to our online application form by installing a CAPTCHA (or similar solution that effectively stops SPAM). If suggesting a solution other than CAPTCHA, please discuss with prior to implementation.

Specifications: CAPTCHA should be installed on the application form in a manner that complements our current site design and without negatively affecting database functionality, GoogleAnalytics or site performance in any way.

ReCAPTCHA is our first choice for the CAPTCHA since it is free and widely used. If there is another provider that you feel is better, we can discuss.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad was very quick to respond, he accurately completed the project the first time and offered advice. I would definitely work with him again!

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