PHP/MySQL Content Mgmt System

The Task:

I'm working on a website for a client, but need help with PHP and MySQL. I will provide hosting, and my hosting supports PHP & MySQL. I need a login screen for the client to gain access through. From there, there will be 2 options.

1) Change the featured product. Here the client will choose a product from a drop down menu and click "change".

2) Product manager screen. Here they will input information into fields of a form and upload images into a database. They'd like to upload one or multiple images for each project and have them automatically sized/cropped for use as thumbnail or full size. (All photos uploaded will be full size, but they're taken by different employees with different cameras, so they will be all different sizes. They'll need to be sized or cropped to a uniform size.

There is a possibility of a third section which would allow the client to upload a photo and information about current employees. It would work just like the product manager, but be a simpler form. When viewing the finished website, all products will be viewed one after the next on a page, with the option to click on each and see a full page view with description and photo/photos.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad is terrific to work with. He's been responsive to my needs and my client's needs. He translated my non-technical requirements into a solution that suits their needs and is easy for them to use. I look forward to working with him again.

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