PHP Transfer Script - DB to DB Transfer of Data

The Task:


We need a php script written to transfer data from one database (Referred to as IDX database) to a second database (Referred to as USER database). The transfer script will have several requirements:

1. Transfer data from IDX database to USER database if data is not present in USER database. (Records will be attached to matching users in USER database)
2. Append data in USER database from IDX database if there is a change in any 3 key fields (Price, Acreage, and Listing Number).
3. Delete data from USER database if the record is not present in IDX database.


The following are key things you need to know regarding the environment that the script will be running on:

1. Windows 2003 Server
2. IIS
3. MySQL
4. Script will be running in a batch file on a daily basis.


1. The script must be lightweight in terms of code and well commented.
2. The data set will contain an average of 1500 data records.
3. Each data record has approximately 40 fields that will need to be transferred.
4. The transfer script must be able to query and transfer all data in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. It shouldn’t take all day, the faster the better so optimize your code.)
5. The transfer script will email a log of how many records added, how many records appended, and how many records deleted from USER database when script has finished running.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Koba Technologies is a great company to work with. They understood the project, and offered solutions to unexpected complications regarding the project. We will be using Koba Technologies again, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for php programming skills.

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