PHP scripting for MySQL

The Task:

This project is composed of 2 parts - one SQL scripting page, and one email form page.

1st part:
I need an SQL statement for my PHP website that allows a user to select data from 2 text area boxes (see attached image). The user will first select a "Category", then will select a "State" - if the user forgets to select one of the text area boxes, then there should be a prompt that asks the user to do so. This SQL statement will query my MySQL database and produce results on a predesigned template (see attached image). The results of the query should fill this predesigned template. Results will also be sorted by 2 fields.

2nd part:
I will also need a "PHP mail form script" with very specific criteria. My database will have a contact email address for every record in the database (about 800 records). When users are browsing the records on my website, they may want to select a Details view of the record for more information. There should be a link to a form that users can select to contact the "email" associated with that record (800 unique email addresses). When a user clicks on "request info", then the form automatically populates the "mailto: " criteria based on the "email" address for the record they are requesting information from. This form will also require field validation to ensure that certain fields are required.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Excellent will use again

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