PHP image upload to AWS S3

The Task:


I need a PHP solution [one or more pages] to allow my users to upload an image to an AWS S3 bucket with the necessary post policy and credentials. I have a current AWS account and S3 bucket. This function will live within other PHP pages we are developing. This page will receive some parameters [through url] and will pass some parameters [through url].

Functional /User Requirements:

Select the image from the local device.
It must be an image, no other file type.
Resize the image that the uploaded size has no dimension more than 1000 pixels, while maintaining aspect ratio. [COMMENT: reasonable size while maintain aspect ratio].
Create a unique $imagename for the image file to be uploaded [maybe $customer . $product number , datetime + time] [not sure about this if it will always be unique]. We do not want this do have any elements of the product name.
Produce a success redirect that includes a URL . $imagename.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad is an excellent resource. This is the third project that I’ve worked with Konrad and the work was excellent and on time. Konrad was responsive to some changes and additions along the way and communication was very good. I will definitely work with Konrad again soon.

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