Password Expiration Feature

The Task:

I have a website that I've developed using Publisher which is being hosted by Yahoo. Yahoo provides a password feature to protect part of my website. I would like to be able to give out this password but have it expire after a certain number of uses. I contacted Yahoo and was told that they have no plans to create this feature but that it could be done using PHP and SQL. I am looking for someone (preferably in the Denver Metro area) who is familiar with Publisher and Yahoo who can create the code for me to be able to give out n number of passwords which will expire after n number of uses.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

I am not a techie so my knowledge is spotty. Konrad was very patient and explained everything to me. Most importantly, he was able to take my vision of what I wanted and translate it into a working model that was better than I expected. I highly recommend Koba Technologies and would use them again

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