Online forms with MySQL backend

The Task:

Overview: There will be two parts to this project, a "pre-screening calculator" and a "credit application" with a database-driven administration panel.

The pre-screening calculator is currently being used in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using formulas which does not lend itself well to web use. The calculations themselves are basic nested IF/THEN statements based on values input by the user (e.g. "military rank") as well as static values in additional sheets.

The credit application is currently being used in the form of a PDF document which users must print, complete, and fax to the recipient. There are two versions of the credit application, one for civilian applicants and one for military applicants.

Description: On the front end, the pre-screening calculator will be a simple form where a user must login to use the calculator, and based on their login credentials, certain variables will be assigned values based on the database entries for that user profile. For example, one user may have a discount of $1100 while another user may have a discount of 10%. These values should only be editable by an admin. If a series of six checks against user-entered criteria are passed, the pre-screening calculator will determine five calculations based on six user-selected fields.

The front end of the credit application will be very straight-forward, simply translating existing fields from the PDF application to an HTML form. The HTML form will have many of the same fields for both the civilian and military applicants, with a few additional fields for military applicants. Submission of an application will result in saving the info to a database table, as well as generating an automated email to an admin, notifying them that a new application has been submitted.

The back end administration panel will need to be relatively simple with the following functionality:

Users - admins can create or modify accounts
Applications - users can view (but not edit) their own submitted applications, and admins can view all applications, as well as assign ownership of an application to themselves or a different admin.
Alerts - admins can setup SMS alerts in their user profile which notifies them any time an application is submitted and/or assigned to them

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad provided exactly what we were looking for on this project: skill, efficiency, and good communication. We plan on having Koba Technologies handle the second stage of this project at a later date and highly recommend this developer.

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