Need Database help

The Task:

I am preparing a proposal for a client and am unable to tackle the database work needed for this project. I can take care of all of the design work, but need assistance with the back-end.

For a brief synopsis, the project will consist of the following:

The purpose of the website is for a group of musical entities to be able to post show scripts ( details to be added via a simple form ) for sale to other musical entities. Once the information is added, the admin will need to approve all submissions before they go "live". In order to find the best package, the user will be able to search through the list via a list of checked values. They should also have the ability to view a comprehensive list of packages in alphabetical order.

The following will be needed:


* Must approve any postings before they are made "live" and visible on public site
* Easy to use and intuitive admin screen to edit all information on site
* Process for backing up system to ensure safety of data

Musical Entity Admin Account ( those desiring to post projects for sale ):

* Ability to Create Account ( Register Contact Name, Phone user name and password for future log ins and posting future packages )
* Ability to enter Data and package information via simple form -- this info would then need to be approved by Admin before becoming "live"


* Ability to search packages
* Ability to purchase package via PayPal shopping cart integration
* Rating System ( Once users receive packages, they can then add a rating to the package which is automatically updated ) --- Similar to EBay feedback system

On front end of website, the user would be provided with 2 options which route them to the correct form: "Buy a Show" which will allow the customers to search database based on a series of options OR "Sell a Show" which is for the musical entities to add a show to the database for sale.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

A pleasure working with Konrad

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