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The Task:


I have a website ( I had a wonderful PHP programmer who built the site and maintained it for a year an half. He quit his freelance business this summer and started a full time job so he can not help with the site any longer. So I need a new programmer to help with new site features and occasional site maintenance. The site is built very well and my previous programmer said he documented his work well too so it should hopefully not be to hard for a new programmer to take over.

Here's some background information on BravoBride. We are an online market place for new and used wedding items. Our site works like Craiglist where buyers and sellers work out payment and shipping together, users do not buy items directly off our site. It's free for brides to list items and we have a boutique section for wedding vendors to sell their items and they pay a monthly flat fee. When a new item is posted the item appears on the 'new items' page. I would like our boutique items to automatically relist every 14 days for Basic Boutiques and every 7 days for our Enhanced boutiques. The relisted items will just circulate in the order they are listed, the vendor doesn't get to choose which ones will relist.

Here's some more specific information about the Automatic Boutique relisting feature

- Automatic relist feature for items (we do have a manual relist button for sold items but I would like for our unsold boutique items to auto relist after 7 or 14 days)

- 3 (active, not sold) items will automatically relist every 7 days for Enhanced boutiques and every 14 days for Basic Boutiques. Some boutiques have as little as one item, others have hundreds which is why I only want to allow 3 items to relist from each boutique at a time.

- In addition to adding that feature, I'll also have to add a bullet point about it on this page under the Basic and Enhanced feature lists:

- My old programmer estimated this would take about 2 hrs. He said the easiest thing to do would be to change the date of the item. I am sure there will be a learning curve for a new programmer so please let me know how long you think this will take. I would also love for this project to be completed by this Friday.

I am also looking for a company to help with SEO, as my old programmer also provided this service. Please let me know if you offer this service as well

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad did an excellent job and his communication during the project were great! I will definitely use him again.

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