Mets Website - Back End Coding

The Task:

General Description: this job focuses on creation of a database for a sports memorabilia sales website. The database will be hosted using Cpanel. The database will be linked to the website using PHP coding to be developed as part of this job.

The website design will be created by others and is not part of this job. However, you will be responsible for assisting the designer in making sure the PHP coding interfaces properly with the website.

Size of database: The inventory consists of approximately 450 lots which are arranged in an Excel spreadsheet (8 fields per lot) and ready for direct importation into the database.

Further details of this job:

1. In addition to setting up the database, you will create a PHP structure to be used as a search engine on the website. There will be 3 or 4 search fields to be used on the website’s user interface.

2. The inventory is divided into 19 categories. You will create a PHP structure that will “dump” all lots within a category onto its own linked webpage.

3. You will also create a shopping basket for buyers to drop their purchases. Final checkout will involve emailing the order to the owner who will manually invoice the buyer. The owner would like orders to be tracked by buyer’s name, date, items ordered. This should be displayed in a second database within Cpanel.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad did an excellent job with our coding. All work was performed in a very timely manner. I will definitely use Konrad again for my future coding jobs!

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