Mass php page creation

The Task:

Simply put, I need to create web pages named after the keywords they are created for, and also have the dynamics so the keyword is pulled through onto certain spots on the webpage.

Form spot one would be where I input the list of keywords

and etc to what ever limits the program can handle.

Form Spot two would be the code for the webpage I want copied

The out put would create the pages based on the keywords entered :
and etc
And would need to be able to be save to my computer.

The keyword would need to be dynamically placed, or just give me the variable I can place where I need to in the site.

So then this can be treated like a single word/character and be placed though out the page.

There are many doorway page makers out there, just none that quite does what I need.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Excellent service, communication, and end product that I can easily customize. Highly recommended!

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