Make ammendments to osCommerce Site

The Task:

We have made some adjustments to the look of our site and now need someone to complete the code changes for us.

We are making the ammendments at a different domain so it does not affect our live shop.

Details of the ammendments below can be seen on the attached image:

Taks Required:

1. The page currently sits on the left of the browser, we would like it to align to the middle of the screen when viewed in a browser.

2. Remove product description from featured products and product catagory pages (see attached image)

3) New title bar has been added to the product catagory pages, this needs to be duplicated to all pages (see attached), pages include:
Index (featured products)
about us
View Basket
Checkout Pages

4) the header bar has been changed so needs the 4 links added back in for index, FAQ, about us & view basket

5) on the featured products page, there is an extra horizontal dotted line, this needs to be removed

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Outstanding service, completed in just a few hours, will definitely recommend Koba Technologies to others.

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