Looking for a Filemaker Guru

The Task:

Here are the basic tasks I'm looking for: I'm a voice over artist working in this field since almost 30 years. When doing jobs for broadcast, the initial fee includes broadcast rights for 12 months - if a client needs an extension for another 12 months, he has to pay for the rights again. I have an Excel sheet listing all of my jobs done in the recent years. What I'm looking for is somebody who is able to convert this excel sheet into a Filemaker application which gives me the opportunity to look up a special job and see whether the broadcast rights are still valid or not, to enter extensional fees for another 12 months as well as print out a job report per client showing initial fees for a certain period of time. Some of the excel entries are redundant (such as studio name, agency, rates a.s.o.) and should be stored in separate tables.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad did a great and perfect job! He programmed my web-app in a very short time to my greatest satisfaction. Whenever I have a similar project again, Konrad will be my first point of contact! Thanks for a great service and such easy communication!

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