Little PHP mail script needed

The Task:

I need a little script written to send automated replies to users who have lost their passwords on my site. They use the passwords to get access to online training courses in my site. I'm assuming PHP is the tool of choice to do this, but if you have a better solution let me know.

It's easier than it sounds because all of the users for any particular training course share the same password (they don't know that!). So there is no database lookup required. You just automatically send the same canned email to anyone who uses the "Lost password" function for a particular course.

I've already created the simple web user interface. All I need you to do is add the form where they enter their email, and the program the back end script to send the appropriate message when they hit submit.

Right now there are three courses (three different messages) but I want the system to be easily extensible by me when I add more courses in the future.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Great work! The coding was fast and accurate, communication was clear. Would use again for PHP.

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