Lead Generation - CRM

The Task:

We are hiring a development company to create only the beginning of an application. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately. The requirements are as follows....

1. Ability to scrape data from this website's public search outputs and uploading it into the CRM. We are aware that this data is "dirty" and will need to be cleaned as the searches and uploads are done.

**Please note that NOT all of the information displayed on this website's search's output page will need to be logged into the CRM. We only want certain information from that page to be scraped and uploaded to the CRM. All information scraped off of that page should fit one of the fields indicated below**

2. Uploading data from a spreadsheet

3. Ability to search through this uploaded information in CRM

**For version 1.0 we only need the capability to filter "leads" in the CRM based on search words / terms entered**

Notes: We need Data organized by Corporation Name and sub leveled by Doing Business As (DBA) Names

4. CRM fields--*updated* Corporation Level: Corp Name, Addresses (mailing / business), phone(s), fax #(s), contact person (s), email address(es), notes, formation date of corporation

*Contact person* needs to further have these fields associated with it: Name, Phone(s), fax #(s), Address(es) (mailing / home), email address(es) notes

**DBA level: Each "doing business as" name (DBA) can have listed under it multiple Business Locations**

Each of these Business Locations can have: business address, service address, billing address, contact person (s), contact phone(s), email address (es), notes ---- **The Business Address needs to be the only thing required at the time a business location is logged in this section, all the other fields associated with the business location can be left blank and entered as information is made available**

5. Source of the data (scraped / spreadsheet / manually uploaded) should be recorded anytime any data is entered into the CRM, time and date should also be recorded and displayed next to the data entry.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad has so far been extremely helpful. He communicates well and has been thorough explaining everything to me. He has also given me a few suggestions that have helped to speed the CRM along. Konrad's billing hours are extremely reasonable and he so far has delivered everything that he has promised. The one good quality I like about him is he is more focused on delivering a quality product and getting the work done than nickle and dimeing his clients. I am still working with him on further development of the CRM so I will keep updating his feedback as we proceed through this process. So far he's awesome and I would refer him to other people!

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