Increase Website Functionality

The Task:

1.We produce 2 blogs a day but currently have to hand code them and would like to have a *rich text editor for our bloggers to use. I don't know if we can import Wordpress tools into the site or not, or perhaps there's another piece of code you have that creates a rich text editor, but it's a real pain for my bloggers to have to hand code html whenever they write. It's also a barrier for me to hiring because I have to teach people html; they can't simply type in their thoughts on an article and paste a link. I'd like that to change.

2. Also regarding the blog, I've noticed other sites have the ability to create an iframe when a link is selected. I would like an application that automatically creates an iFrame for external links to the the journals we review. Currently the links take visitors off site to the abstract summaries of the journals, but if I could make the pages pop up in a window like Elance does for this PMB with a Guerilla Health Report header/border, I think that would be cool.

3. The blogs are sent out via an RSS feed but currently there's a problem with the RSS spewing out all the html tags we put in as opposed to generating the actual html code. Maybe this will be fixed with the Rich Text Editor? Either way, I'd like to have my feed look like a normal websites does because we are going to be partnering with other health news information sites to share content and I would like it to look good. Besides, everyone sees our tags and it's a bloody mess to read.

4. When we designed the blog_edit template I asked for a space to put keywords. So far all of our blogs have been indexed, but there is no search engine that will look for those keywords. It would need to query the MySQL database for those keywords (right now dropping a Google search bar into the View_All_Past_Blogs page only searches the titles) and return the results of all of the on-site blogs and abstracts cataloged by those search terms.

5) We need to create the RSS feed template for the videos we will be uploading to iTunes, which requires us fixing the RSS feed first.

6) Finally, the storefront looks nothing like the rest of our page; we need to apply our CSS to the Yahoo storefront (i.e. the order page) so it all looks congruent.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

I have re-hired Konrad because he is an excellent programer; he came up with creative solutions to my programming problems that worked better than what I had imagined.

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