iFrame Redirect from a Subdomain to a Salespage

The Task:

I want to use an iFrame redirect for quick PPC testing in niche markets, because I want to make sure the niche has good potential... before going to the time & expense of building a high-quality landing page (which I realize will yield more profits).

Anyway... I want to redirect from a subdomain to a salespage ... but I want the URL to still display the original subdomain that appears in my PPC ads. So, the website visitor (Google's manual review team) will see the example "Porsche.com" website with my "Fast.Cars.com" URL in the address bar.

I only intend to use the iFrame redirect for this purpose & this purpose only. I do not know how, nor do I intend to use this in any other malicious way.

I simply want to test niche markets without having to build a high-quality landing page... until I see the right blend of traffic, clicks & sales.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

I highly recommend Koba Technologies. He provided his phone #. I called. He answered. We chatted for 3 minutes. He understood the project. He completed my project in 20-30 minutes from start to finish... with clear, concise, and easy to follow directions... allowing me to utilize & install the script without any problems. I will be utilizing his services again in the near future.

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