Finetune WordPress Site

The Task:

WordPress site needs an experienced WordPress hand to finetune the CMS and generally optimize the site ahead of moving it to a cloud setup.


1) Reduce or eliminate a query is coming from this page and slowing down the site. Clicking on the higher numbers is quite slow and forces MySQL to scan all the posts in the medialife database. I am not sure how useful this page is - perhaps you can have a developer simply disable the "Page 1 of 443" functionality so a search engine won't kill your server executing these inefficient queries. Just showing the recent 100 posts is pretty fast otherwise, but showing page 443, is scanning about 44300 blog posts and then grabbing the last 100 which this server doesn't have the resources for presently.

2) Fix the positioning of two ads on the homepage.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad is an excellent web developer who knows his stuff and is very straightforward in explaining what needs to be done and how he is going to do it. I recommend him very highly.

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