Develop a CRM database

The Task:

I've worked with ACT before, but need a simplified version that is accessible via the web with a login and password for a telemarketer located outside of my office to use. I've looked at ACT's online product, but it is very expensive per user. I'm wondering if I can host several simplified databases on a server that telemarketers can log into and use to cold call from. Hopefully you can help me.
Here are the cells I would need:

1. Company Name
2. Street Address
3. Suite #
4. City
5. State
6. Zip
7. Phone
8. Owner's Name
9. Owner's Email
10. # of Employees
11. Current Insurance Company
12. Insurance Renewal Date
13. Notes
14. Call Back Date

I buy leads that have the info in #'s 1-10. I would need to import these (CSV file) into the database. Each database would be based on an area code, and each telemarketer would use a designated database calling the companies in that area code. Initially, I would need about 15 of these databases, all with separate users logging in with a separate login and password. I would need to be an administrator for each database, having he ability to change the password to lock out that telemarketer if they are terminated.

The telemarketer would add in the info gathered (#'s 11-14). Basically, if the prospect doesn't book an appointment with us, we would call them back closer to their renewal date (hence, collecting the renewal date is important to us for future callback dates). The telemarketer is trying to book a face-to-face appointment with the business owner on behalf of my insurance brokers... then the broker goes out and meets with the prospective client face-to-face.

The telemarketer should also be able to see the notes regarding the previous call made to the prospect. We would want drop-down menus for "Current Insurance Company" (there are only 6 major insurance companies used), and for "Renewal Date" (January-December). For "Call Back Date," we would want a drop-down calendar, and if the Call Back Date expires, it should automatically roll to the next day, continuously until a new call back date is set.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Excellent understanding and execution of my project.

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