Dental Insurance Verification Database

The Task:

Company that Offers Web based dental insurance verification to dental offices

Office logs in with Id number and password selects Insurance verification and enters patient name, date of birth, social security number,(If different) subscriber name, date of birth, social security number, Insurance Company and phone number. Form should have area to enter other family members names and date of birth if office requires more than one family member verified. If no other patients to enter office clicks submit. If more patients to enter office selects next patient and a new form pulls up. Once office clicks submit or next patient the data goes into a verification form that automatically populates those fields, but has the other areas for verification to be completed by the company.

Once verification is completed the verification is sent to an account number queue that can be accessed by the office and printed. For accounting the software would also track the number of patients verified and the date it was verified.

Dental Office:
Area to log in – Username and password
Account for billing information – Office name, Address, phone number, contact person, Tax ID and NPI number, In network insurances, credit card on file for billing
Area to submit patient information
Queue to access verification that can be printed
Accounting to show submitted patient names and verification dates

Verification Queue-Verification Forms with Office Account, Patient information
Accounting – Daily completed verifications numbers per office into billing account
Insurance Database that stores information once gathered

Would like account number to be tied to patient information and forms would automatically populate chosen fields with information when account number is entered
Would like Database to store insurance information and verification form automatically populate when a group number from an insurance company is entered that we already have stored information on.

Would like submitted patient information to generate a Verification form on company end and automatically populate those fields in verification form.

Would like a waiting for verification queue that shows inbox when information has been submitted.

Verification Forms- Would like selections on yes/no questions, percentages, and frequencies to save time on verification that automatically populate if the group number is an insurance we have stored data on.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad is a complete professional who listens and is very skilled at making your ideas come to life. I am thrilled with the end product and will continue to use him as my business grows.

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