Custom photo gallery

The Task:

Our website displays live images around a tourist destination in Washington state. Each camera uploads a new image to the web host every minute. The images are given a unique name corresponding to the date and time and second the image was captured. For example an image taken on March 24 at 3:15 p.m. in the afternoon would be saved as 2007-03-24-0315.jpg.

Our website currently displays the live images live as they are taken. We would like to add a button under the live image saying "view yesterday's images". When they click on a link that would see a page full of the images taken the previous day. We would only like to show about 20 pictures on this page (or approximately 2 images from each hour).

At the bottom of this page we would like to add the following links and functionality: (show previous day, show next day, and a calendar to select a specific date" each of these options will display the images in the aforementioned format. This would give the visitor the ability to view the live image as well as travel back in time to view previous days live images and easily navigate between those days.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad was a treat to work with because of his excellent communication, technical prowess, and the ability to deliver exactly what we were expecting for a excellent value. He created a custom photo gallery that allowed visitors to our website to view archived images taken by our web cams.

We plan on hiring him again for further improvements to our photo gallery application.

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