CSV List Management - PHP

The Task:

A list cleaner script that is hosted only on my own webhost, but others can use it.

1- User selects .csv file to clean from his local computer.

2- user has option to select "sort" file

2- Click submit button

3- The file has all duplicates and malformed email addresses removed, and if user selected "sort", then the list is also sorted in alphabetical order.

4- Script creates download link for new cleaned csv file for the user with all email addresses listed one-per-line in the csv file.

5- Away from users view, the script also saves a copy of the email list on my server. - The name will need to be random generated because multiple people will be uploading their email list and I want to be sure that I also get a copy of all.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

I wish I could keep this guy a secret so that he would always be available for only my own projects. He accepted and completed my entire project within hours.... not day... HOURS~

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