Complete PHP/MySQL Features for Website

The Task:

I have a classifieds website I am setting up. Everything is done in HTML and PHP, using MySQL. I have built much of the site myself, having a decent amount of HTML experience. However, PHP and MySQL I have mostly been teaching myself as I go, and now I don't have time to study and learn to finish it. For someone experienced in PHP these will probably be very simple tasks. As I do know some PHP, I will be able to edit it as needed (such as adding words to the text filter below), though I will want the code you add to be commented. Both from a user perspective, and from a development perspective I am aiming for simplicity. I purposely would like things to be simple, small, and fast. There is no user sign up or login features for example, anyone can just visit the site and post something. I am not looking for bells and whistles (I can add those later), just basic functionality. Below are the primary issues I need resolved:

1. Ability to save photo's in the database, and then display them in a post (I have this partly done, was able to save to database, but not display images properly). File size limits and types would need to be set as well.

2. Text filter. If someone writes a post with blocked words, their post will not be added to the database.

3. Some linking issues, such as taking you back to your city's listing after posting something, and having the city listing you came from be the default when you go to post something new.

4. Formatting issues, such as breaking a list of cities or states into multiple columns, changing the date/time format, and listings posts with a limited number per page and links to cycle through pages of posts. Most of the site is using absolute positions, which (as far as I know) should make browser compatibility easier.

5. Advertising. Will need to setup something so that every certain number of posts (10 for example) listed, an ad from Google Adsense will be displayed.

6. Change the header to a php file and include it at the top of each page (currently it's just the HTML copied to each page).

7. Add a search feature with ability to search through titles or full posts. Doesn't need to be very complex though.

8. Error checking features. Checking for HTML code in posts (which won't be allowed), and other attempts to alter/hack the site or just common mistakes which could cause problems.

9. Browser Compatibility. I assume this would be standard with any project, but just to be sure, the above features would need to be tested with various browsers to ensure compatibility.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Excellent work!

I was a bit nervous about hiring someone online, as it's something I've never done before, but my website needed some PHP/MySQL work done, and I couldn't do it myself (having spent some weeks attempting to do so). So I took the plunge, and within two days all the major work I needed to complete my site was done (it probably would have taken only one day if it weren't for some domain and web host problems on my end).

He also offered suggestions and pointed out potential problems with some of the tasks I requested. It's great to have found someone I can trust to complete this kind of work, as I doubt I will turn to anyone else from now on to do any of my web development work. As for the price, I know there are some companies who are cheaper (especially overseas), but having contacted several of them, it really doesn't seem worth it as it they generally estimate so many more hours. Not only is the total price comparable, but the work is done quickly. I would definitely recommend Konrad to anyone looking for web development work.

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