Client-Side Form Validation

The Task:

I have a form that I need to have a client-side validation script written for. I require that it be written with basic javascript. The form has 12 primary questions. Some of these questions expand to show sub-questions depending on what the user's answer is to the primary.

The script will need to be able to validate sub-questions ONLY if the primary question has a certain answer selected (which will already expand to show subquestions).

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad at Koba Technologies did a phenomenal job with this project. I was already needing a quick turnaround but he was able to complete the project well before the agreed deadline. Also, I did not give him a very detailed overview of what needed to be done and he was able to understand exactly what I needed and run with it--it's great working with someone who just "gets it" and takes care of the project! I will absolutely use him in the future.

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