AJAX Piece In PHP Page

The Task:

I need three things:

1. AJAX piece that reflects the total number of livestock, minimum fee (if assessed), the service charge fee for all the livestock, and what the total is. they want to see the numbers before generating the PDF. the numbers and calculations are all correct in the PDF; these AJAX-driven values don't have to carry over to anything else at this point in time. this is in sheep_inspection.php, under the payments tab. the HTML of it is roughed in; just need the the xxx's replaced with the values for display purposes.

2. Date fix in sheep inspection form, database, PDF - there is a value called cert_date in the db; need the correct settings to fix it in mysql, then fixed in sheep_inspection.php and pdf-output-sheep.php. the old value was current date; if they regenerate the PDF at a later time, it won't have the original date of the transaction, it would have that day's date. currently displays as a bunch of 00000's or a date in 1969.

3. Brand generated images not 250 x 250 - added an additional setting in CSS so that the square brand images would display properly, and they do, but when they generate they are the same size as the signatures, 250 x 50. need the brand images to generate as 250 x 250, while the size of the signature images stays the same. the PDFs are already set to display them properly once they're the correct size.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

Konrad was fast, knowledgeable, and easily completed the technical tasks. He was thorough and solved the problems in an elegant and efficient manner. Highly recommend. Will definitely use his services again.

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