Add Features to a CodeIgniter Calculator

The Task:

I have an online calculator developed using CodeIgnitor. What we've learned is that visitors can't find the data they need to use it, so we want to automate that process. Right now, we have drop-down menus for State and County, but users have to find and input the rest of the data. We want to keep those two drop-downs but add a new one (School District); once the user selects their school district, the rest of the fields (number of students, basic proficiency, below basic proficiency) should automatically populate. We'll also need a new field (read-only) added, both to the input and output pages, showing the year of the data.

Client's Testimonial After Completion:

I asked Konrad to add some features to an existing PHP/CodeIgniter driven web app. He did an outstanding job, not only implementing a complicated change to my specs, but he even fixed some things I didn't even know were wrong! He's fast, professional, and knows his stuff - I'll definitely be using him again.

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