Below are some examples of other work we have done. They range from very small code tweaks to large and robust database systems. Clicking on a project title will bring you to a page with more details of the requested task, along with the client's testimonial after the project had been completed.

  1. Campaign Monitor API Work
  2. PHP image upload to AWS S3
  3. Htaccess development for SEO friendly URLs
  4. Review function not working - ecommerce
  5. Simple Website Installation
  6. Modification to an existing PHP web site
  7. CSV List Management - PHP
  8. Looking for a Filemaker Guru
  9. Vehicle Inspection System
  10. Expedia Affiliate API Integration
  11. Add Member Portal To My Site
  12. Database Query And Export Function
  13. Wordpress Migration Trouble
  14. Configure LAMP site to WAMP
  15. Add Features to a CodeIgniter Calculator
  16. AJAX Piece In PHP Page
  17. Web Based DB
  18. HTML5 Canvas/PHP/MySQL Signature Piece
  19. Upgrade to PHP 5.2 from PHP 4.2
  20. XML feed to WordPress posts
  21. Finetune WordPress Site
  22. reCAPTCHA Installation on Website Form
  23. SMTP Configuration for osCommerce
  24. PHP Unit Conversion
  25. Need API Testers
  26. Online forms with MySQL backend
  27. Contract Database and CRM
  28. Report Access for Clients
  29. Mets Website - Back End Coding
  30. Search box
  31. Website Login Script
  32. iFrame Redirect from a Subdomain to a Salespage
  33. Develop a CRM database
  34. PHP Transfer Script - DB to DB Transfer of Data
  35. Web Registration & Reporting System
  36. Fix my website
  37. Increase Website Functionality
  38. Fix my php enroll page
  39. Create a CMS with php script and MySql Database
  40. Move PHP/MySQL Database
  41. Little PHP mail script needed
  42. Lead Generation - CRM
  43. Dental Insurance Verification Database
  44. Display Specific Data from CSV on webpage
  45. Client-Side Form Validation
  46. Mobile Website Project
  47. Create RSS feed on the website
  48. Fix minor problems with php website
  49. Password Expiration Feature
  50. Small email form - PHP MySQL
  51. Need Quick Fix Website Reading Error
  52. PHP form or code to return an HTML email
  53. Need an excellent PHP programmer
  54. Grab data from other website
  55. Small reminder tool
  56. Capture variable and add to MySQL
  57. HTML tables and PHP scripts
  58. PHP script to insert a BLOB into MySQL
  59. Database and Search Option
  60. Simple MySql database PHP admin section
  61. Search Form for website database search
  62. PHP-MySQL Programmer Simple Stuff
  63. Non Delivery Date Change
  64. OsCommerce register globals fix
  65. Need help with my mail forms
  66. Complete PHP/MySQL Features for Website
  67. Mass php page creation
  68. Transfer Site
  69. PHP MySQL wizard to create reports
  70. Attachment Dowload - Redirect Form
  71. Searchable database
  72. Add and fix some coding
  73. Need HTML response form (CGI script)
  74. Event info imported to Website's DB
  75. Wordpress Help PLEASE!
  76. Update and maintain website
  77. Problem with webform
  78. Database design
  79. Fix code on directory
  80. PHP tweaks
  81. Make ammendments to osCommerce Site
  82. PHP Help
  83. CGI Script
  84. Need Database help
  85. Buddhist website help
  86. Directory search function
  87. PHP/MySQL based online registration
  88. PHP/MySQL Content Mgmt System
  89. Custom photo gallery
  90. User Database w/ input
  91. Simple Database (in PHP / MySQL)
  92. PHP scripting for MySQL
  93. Order form
  94. Loan Application Form
  95. PHP/MySQL Web page
  96. Site Update and Fix
  97. Simple Storage Database And Login
  98. Transfer Database to new domain
  99. Aardvark Points
  100. New Customer Service Site
  101. Data Updates - New Reports
  102. Travel Club Member Only Website Section
  103. Travel Club Membership Website
  104. Database Set-up
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